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                                  Social Welfare and Sports Department


The Social Welfare and Sports Department is headed by the Deputy Director of Danhiko Project. The Department has a clinic headed by a Registered General Nurse and it offers primary health care to both students and staff, many of whom are with disabilities, some are orphans and many others are from poor socio-economic backgrounds. It offers treatment for minor ailments including sports injuries. Serious cases are referred to the Referral Hospitals.


The department boasts of a small rehabilitation unit which is headed by a qualified Rehabilitation Technician. It offers physiotherapy treatment mainly to students with disabilities and those injured during sporting activities or other minor accidents. In the past few years some students who came to the Project on wheelchairs and crutches have returned to their homes either walking with crutches or walking without any assistive devices. Rehabilitation Technician also assists students with advice and information on how to acquire and use assistive devices (wheelchairs and crutches) if they need them.


There is a qualified Social Worker within the Social Welfare and Sports Department. He provides students with guidance and counselling for those who have social problems. The Social Worker also advises students on career guidance particularly those in the Secondary School in collaboration with teachers. He educates children on acceptable social behaviour and cleanliness.


There is a Sports Master who trains and organises sports particularly for students with disabilities. He works in collaboration with teacher in-charge of sport in the Secondary School and lecturer in-charge of sport in the Vocational Training Institute in organising general sporting activities. Once a year, Danhiko Project organises the Danhiko Annual Paralympic Games through the Danhiko Sports Club, which takes place during the first week of October. These games are attended by clubs, schools, resource centres and colleges of people with disabilities. These games have continued to grow each and every year with, 110 clubs in 2013 and 120 clubs in 2014.  At their inception in 1988, the games had 12 clubs and 500 people participating mainly in Wheelchair basketball and athletics. Now the games have 22 disciplines covering all disabilities.

Social Welfare