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                                                          Danhiko Secondary School




To provide high quality and relevant Secondary School Education to pupils with or without disabilities, instil intellectual, physical, moral and cultural values to enable them to become useful and self-reliant citizens of Zimbabwe.


Danhiko Secondary School was established in 1981 and was opened in 1982. Originally it targeted a clientele of physically disabled ex-combatants who had missed out on their education during the liberation struggle. The target client was the physically disabled students who were mature and could not attend a conventional school. Eventually the school went on to enrol school going age but still with emphasis on the disabled and integrating them with the able bodied students. The initial enrolment was 120 students against the current enrolment of about 300 to 360 students. During the initial stages of inception up to about 1994 Danhiko Secondary School relied on donor funding. Since then Danhiko Secondary School has been surviving on the resources from levies and tuition fees.



Inclusive Education


Danhiko Secondary School like the rest of Danhiko Project is an inclusive institution which enrols physically challenged students, students with hearing impairment and able bodied students on an equality system basis. The school does not discriminate on ability/disability, gender, ethnical, regional, racial religious or any other grounds. Currently the enrolment stands at 306, about half of which are boarding students whilst the other half are day scholars. Forty Seven of the students have disabilities while nineteen have hearing impairment. The school has a capacity of enrolling 360 students.


Teaching Staff


Currently Danhiko Secondary School has a vibrant teaching staff of qualified and experienced teachers. The teaching staff compliment stands at 21. Three of the staff members are holders of masters’ degrees while thirteen of them are holders of first degrees. The rest are at various stages of competency degree studies. Among the teachers are those that have specialised in teaching students with special needs and can use sign language.




Danhiko Secondary School offers a very conducive environment for learning for all types of students, the academically gifted, and the fast leaners, learners with or without disabilities. We look forward to receiving more students from all corners of Zimbabwe. Our pass rate is quite good.




Secondary School